EP 122: The Expecting Season: Expectant Moms

If we could all sit in a room and share birth stories! Oh, how fun that would be. Well, except if any of you are like Rebecca because she remembers nothing. No two birth stories as the same. As moms, we may read, pack, attend the classes, tour the hospital, but nothing can truly prepare us for the moment when the doctor, scratch that, probably the nurse says: It’s time.

In the season of expecting, we do our part to prepare but ultimately trust God and His will. We want to be able to say like Paul in Acts 18:21 after he makes plans, “if God wills.”

This is part one of our episode on the pregnancy and newborn season. Join us for episode 123 as we get very practical about life with newborns and how we as a mom community can support newborn mamas.

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