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Gather FAQs

Gather Groups are made up of women who mom in any way that want to connect to other moms and be equipped to be intentional in their homes. Gather Moms offers three sets of curriculum for groups to use based on the age of kids.

Gather Groups can meet in homes, at churches, in coffee shops or neighborhood clubhouses. Gather Groups can meet wherever works best for them. We encourage meeting in homes because we believe it provides a sense or warmth, welcome and comfort that moms need.

Your Gather Group can be made up of moms in your neighborhood, moms at your church or moms that have the same needs like: adoptive moms, working moms, single moms, homeschool moms. 

We encourage you to limit your Gather meetings to one hour each month. Moms are busy and need to know that their time investment will be honored and beneficial. Also, whatever time you set for your group to end, try your best to wrap up the content of the meeting by that time so that moms can get home to their children and commitments and don’t feel bad leaving before the meeting is over.

A 12-month curriculum is provided, including a Leader Guide and Participant Handout for each month. The curriculum is faith-based and covers one family value per month like friendship, generosity and joy. We encourage you to use the curriculum for discussion in your group and for the leader to be a facilitator, not a teacher.

Groups have three curriculum options. Family Values is best for moms with children in their homes. The Launch is for moms who are launching their children to college or adulthood. Legacy of Love is for grandparents and moms with children out of the home.

You can find all three HERE.

This page shows the list of Gather groups with links to their Facebook page. You can also go to the Gather Moms on Facebook and post on the wall to see if a group has been started near you or if anyone else near you is interested. Another option is to jump in and start one yourself!

Gather is inherently Christian and faith-based but is not affiliated with any one church. Churches are invited to promote Gather Groups to the moms in their church by partnering with Gather. Please fill out the contact form for more information if your church is interested in partenering with Gather.

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