Episode 15: Meet Mama Lydia

Because motherhood is woven into the heart of women, you don’t have to have children in your home to be a MAMA and Lydia proves that. This fashion-industry boss babe became the first European convert to Christianity and the first European church was started out of her house. Lydia shows us how we can bring others in; into our groups, into our prayer time and into our homes. As mamas, we can be includers and follow the example of Lydia and her Gather group by the river where she met Paul and gave her life to Jesus.


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  • Find this story in Acts 16. You can read about how Paul crossed over a big river, also known as the Aegean Sea, from Asia Minor (modern name: Turkey) to Macedonia (modern day: Greece). If you have maps in the back of your Bible, look for the one with Paul’s missionary journeys. He met Lydia on his second one.
  • Correction: The boot (also known as Italy) is west of Greece
  • Miss Congeniality starring Sandra Bullock came out in 2000. We love you, Sandy B
  • Shout out to our dear friends Marsha and Jenny who model hospitality for us

Gospel Truth:

  • Our value as women should not defined by our marital status or number of children. Our value comes from God.
  • Hospitality is not about perfection. Hospitality is an open door that focuses on others and their needs instead of yourself and what they think of you.
  • We were strangers and Jesus welcomed us in: Ephesians 2:19
  • We can be welcomers to others: 1 Peter 4:8-9

What is your ONE THING?