BONUS: Mama Naomi + Zoom Study

Shoutout to the GrandMAMAs in the Bible!  Just as we have looked at biblical mamas in a new way, we can also look to the grandmas for life lessons and character goals.  Naomi experienced great loss in her lifetime and thought there was nothing good left.  God surprised her with an ending far beyond her imagination.  Her life and legacy live on in scripture and challenge us to attract others to Jesus.  If you’ve ever lost hope, Naomi can show you a life restored by a God who sees past, present and future.

Listen to this recording of our live Zoom Bible study all about Naomi.  You’ll hear us talk to the moms in the Zoom with us and will hear us mention the comments in the chat; it will be just like you are there with us LIVE.

Bible refs:

The book of Ruth

Genesis 2:24

Matthew 23:37

2 Timothy 1:5

2 Timothy 3:14-15

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