BONUS: Mama Lydia + Zoom Study

We all long to be seen; for others to see our value and our contribution. In Lydia’s story, we learn how God sees us, calls us critical to His plan on Earth, equips us and gives us power. This boss babe, powerhouse may or may not have had children of her own. What we do know is that she exemplified the heart of a mother that draws others in and makes spaces available so that others can feel loved and known. Come with us to meet this entrepreneur fashionista in Greece and learn how she became the first convert to Christianity in Europe and how God used her powerfully.

This is our recording of our Zoom MAMA Bible study. You’ll hear us talk to the moms who were live with us and interact with them in the chat; it will be just like you were there with us.

Bible Refs:

Acts 16

Matthew 11:27, Luke 24:45

Genesis 2:18

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