EP 130: Christmas with Joe, Gabe and Mary Sr.

What if we could sit down with Joseph, the angel Gabriel and Mary’s mom to ask them what that first Christmas was like? That’s exactly what we’re trying to do in this episode as we consider the anticipation of Jesus’ birth and all that happened once he was born.

Joseph models for us what it looks like to walk into the unknown clinging to what we know. He believed what the angel promised him, he knew what the Bible said about the Messiah and he took the next right step of faith even when he didn’t know how it would all work out.

Joseph was willing to look foolish for Jesus. He was willing to put aside his name, his reputation, even his rights in order to obey God. His life was interrupted but instead of pushing back, he allowed the holy interruption to change his and our world.

We also talked about Mary’s mom this episode. We don’t know much about her or how she would have handled the news about Mary’s pregnancy but we do know how we hoped she would respond and how we hope we would do when our teenagers come to us with news we weren’t expecting.

We’re excited to talk about the Christmas story with all of you during the month of December!

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