EP 129: The Equipping Season with Mama Bear Apologetics

Our children are navigating cultural issues earlier and younger. As their moms, we need to be a safe place where they can ask questions and we can work with them to have a biblical worldview. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean we have to have all the answers right away. We can tell our kids we need a day or some time to consider and get back with them. It does mean, though, that we need to have open lines of communication, be engaged with what they are learning outside of our homes and be willing to lean in on tough issues.

We want to equip our children to have the tools they need to recognize what is true, what is false and how to respond in a way that honors God. We are not alone in this endeavor and we are so thankful at Gather Moms for Mama Bear Apologetics and the work they are doing to equip mamas so we can equip our children.

Check out these resources from Mama Bear Apologetics:

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