EP 126: The Learning Season: School-Age Moms

We’ve made it to the grade school years! A time of celebration for mamas when kids start school, routines take shape and children become more independent. As they’re learning their ABCs, they’re also learning how to tie their shoes, ride a bike, be a friend, and do chores. There is so much for them to learn in this season. And, as their moms, we’re learning right along with them.

A great model for us to use as we teach out children new skills is this one:

1. I do. You watch. 

2. I do. You help. 

3. You do. I help. 

4. You do. I watch. 

What to expect:

  • what they’re into will change and they make like things you don’t
  • there is a rhythm to this season that is so nice

What to embrace:

  • time with them at home
  • getting to know them as their personalities develop
  • teachable moments as you have time with them in the car and at home
  • conversations about God

What to let go:

  • Perfection and control
  • For our children to be successful, they need independence. As we give them independence, we have to relinquish some control which may mean things don’t look or turn out as *perfectly* as they might have with you in charge.

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