BONUS: The Day We Met

Once upon a time, two young moms met in a women’s Bible study at their church. A lifelong friendship of ministry, motherhood and much laughing ensued. Mom friends are a beautiful gift but aren’t always easy. Kate and Rebecca discuss the intentional effort needed to nurture the mom friendships in your life. It is worth every second and comes from an overflow of God’s love in your heart. Give it freely because it was freely given to you. Go ahead, link arms, and sing a little Michael W. Smith “And friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them…”


  • Kate and Rebecca met in 2008 at a women’s bible study at Lake Pointe Church
  • Who goes to women’s bible studies?  Mamas who need some childcare and Jesus.
  • The Freshman 15: A Guide to Thrive for College Freshman (buy it for the graduating Senior girl in your life TODAY on Amazon)
  • Can cows get corona?  Generations of cattle producers have long recognized the coronavirus as a cause of illness in their young calves.  This is not the same coronavirus as SARS-CoV 2 which is what we’re seeing in the human pandemic today.
  • Editor is such a strong word, but if that means helping a friend cross the finish line to her first book then an editor she was!
  • Symbiosis (a.k.a. God-Magic) is a mutually beneficial relationship between two persons.
  • Mom friend – friends that are moms also.
  • You kinda have to be the dude! – TWEET THIS!!  Mom friends are like dating – ask her out and see if you’re meant to be.
  • Ghost you…to cut off all communication without warning

Action Steps:

  1. Find Them
  2. Walk across the room and talk to her
  3. Find someone in your same mom-stage
  4. Find someone ahead of you in the next mom-stage
  5. Keep Them
  6. Buy her things from the Target Dollar Spot
  7. Be authentic
  8. Offer your mom-friends your presence

What’s your ONE THING?