Episode 6: Everything is Different

Have you traveled this summer? Better yet, have you gone to the grocery store lately? Leaving our house to do anything quickly reminds us that everything is different. It all takes longer because of masks, sanitizing everything we touch, and trying to give anyone we cross paths with six feet of space. Kate connects us to scripture through the words of David in the book of Psalm and it is soothing balm to our tired minds. Laugh with us as we tube the river of this pandemic!


  • Kate verbiage – workshopping means to to experiment with different versions of…in her life it means she’s using all the trendy terms to describe Covid-19. 20 on 10 is a phrase that means ‘in addition to’.
  • Rebecca’s visual images concerning the global pandemic. Rona is a friend you take to coffee. Pandy is an animal in the local zoo. Quarantinea was a spicy lady in the movie Zorro.
  • Galveston is not a trash beach. Brown can be a beautiful neutral that is calming to the eye. Let’s hope it only refers to the sand and not the water. Who wants to swim in brown water?
  • Float the River (in Texas) – Tubing on the Comal River starts near the Wurstfest grounds before passing through Downtown New Braunfels. Tubers then float past Schlitterbahn Waterpark and eventually join the Guadalupe River.
  • How waterproof is your phone? Winner-winner iPhone 7 and newer are waterproof for up to 30 minutes.
  • Shoutout to WFAA Channel 8 News and the weather guy, Pete Delkus.

Action Steps:

  • You have decision fatigue and it decreases your ability to make smart choices.
  • Show grace to your fellow decision fatigue mama.
  • Show grace to yourself because we are all in this together!

Gospel Truth:

  • A bird’s eye view can help you see clearly to the things below. God is not in the middle of the chaos. He is up above and sees exactly what is going on.
  • Psalm 18

What is your ONE THING?