EP 145: I’m Struggling with Mom Guilt

Have you shaved your legs yet? Spring is springing which means the shorts are coming out and we are finally tackling our unshaven legs. We don’t feel guilty about that one bit but there are plenty of other things we struggle feeling guilt about as moms.

When we can’t make it to the field trip, have served chicken nuggets for the 5th night in a row, and have lost our temper with our kids, the mom guilt sets in. We want to be good moms; that’s why we struggle. What we have to remember is that we will never be perfect moms and that’s actually a good thing. Our imperfections create beautiful opportunities for us to share the gospel with our children and preach it back to our own hearts.

Let’s stop striving after perfection (an unattainable and damaging goal) and rejoice in our imperfections. Remember, it’s in our weakness that Jesus is strong! We want to be moms who display the goodness of Jesus more than our own.

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