EP 133: The Strategic Season with Shawna Sullivan

First podcast of 2024! We want to ask the question, “What’s a mom to do in the new year?” Our special guest, Shawna Richardson, cofounder of First Things First Ministries, helps us answer that. She and her husband, David, love to help people spend wisely, be generous, and manage their time for the glory of God. Shawna is also a mom of 4 and homeschools. Well, she calls it hybrid school, because some days they attend classes with other students and teachers. It’s the best of both worlds for their family!

Starting a new year can be overwhelming with all the hype around picking a word and resolutions. Sometimes, as a mom, you just want to continue creating healthy habits and rhythms for your family. Shawna helps us do just that! She encourages us to pick just one thing to focus our mind and energy. There are too many good things out here to tackle them all at once. Ask God to reveal what is most needed for you and your family.

Some of the things we discussed today are:

  • Do find your filter, don’t say yes to every good thing.
  • Do celebrate your limitations, don’t use comparison as a measure of success. 
  • Do stay awake, don’t get distracted.

Shawna’s list includes ‘7 Do’s and Don’ts for your Time and Money in the New Year’ and you can find the rest here!

You can also find more of Shawna’s resources at and on social media @shawnasullivan where she often posts ideas and short videos to encourage you in being an intentional mom. Thank you, Shawna, for your practical wisdom on making realistic changes for 2024!

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