You’ve Been Egged

*Egging* your friends and neighbors is a great way to celebrate Easter and share the good news of Jesus. And, don’t worry, this isn’t the egging you heard about growing up. We’ll use plastic eggs filled with treats and the people who find the eggs will find a happy surprise.

What you’ll need:

Here’s how to EGG someone:

  1. Print out the “You’ve Been Egged” Printable
  2. Fill your eggs with treats. Leave one empty.
  3. Quietly hide the eggs in the yard.
  4. Leave the “You’ve Been Egged” sign on the front door or on the front porch (optional: with the box or bucket”
  5. Ring the doorbell and run! Or text your friend to let them know there’s a surprise for them outside.
  6. They can take a picture with the “We’ve Been Egged” side and then pass the fun on to someone else.


Happy Egging and Happy Easter!

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