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Too Much Candy?

I am definitely that mom who think kids get way too much candy on Halloween. My family doesn’t eat candy on a regular basis so the overload on October 31 sends us into sugar shock. For weeks and months afterwards, we have candy everywhere. I find wrappers under couch cushions and next to beds. We put a piece in everybody’s lunch box, every day, and still we have lots left. Here are a few new ideas, just in case you feel the need to crush the candy overload and hand out something different this year. These make great classroom gifts, party favors or treats for friends!

Banana mummies! Wrap in cheesecloth (sticks to itself) or gauze and a little tape.
Glue on google eyes and your healthy Halloween treat is ready!
My daughter loves slime! Me…not so much. This is a great idea for a creative classroom gift.
Jello, mandarin orange fruit cups or vanilla pudding make great pumpkins,
monsters and ghosts. This is so easy because all you need is a black sharpie.
Ghostly cheesesticks and pumpkin clementines for the win!
This would be a sweet surprise for your child’s lunchbox this week! Wrap a squeezable
applesauce in white gauze and glue on googly eyes OR peel a clementine and add a cut of
celery for the stem. It’s always fun to make our kids smile when they open their lunchbox!
Buy a huge box of bubbles from amazon and tie on a cute tag.
Easy, inexpensive and allergy friendly to all the little monsters visiting your porch!
This might the cutest thing I found this year! A plastic glove filled with treats and tied with ribbon. What a fun surprise for friends or trick-or-treaters. The fingers are stuffed with smarties and then a variety of candy is added. Tie with orange and black ribbon and add a spider ring for pizzazz. This is a winner! Check the full video here:

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