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Screens + Summer: Sending Help!

Good ‘ole screens. You know the ones: ipads, phones, tvs, computers, gaming systems. They can be so helpful to help our kids learn new things and can help pass the time on long, hot summer days. BUT, moms, we know that the screens can be a runaway train and then our sweet little babes are no longer sweet anymore but start acting like monsters because they have been on them too long.

There are lots of great ways to keep a handle on screens so they are used for good and in moderation. Here are a few!

1. No Screen Time Until… Charts

Check out this printable from: This is a great way to get their day started on the right foot! You could make your chart whatever is best for your children and your home. In my family (Kate), we use this “no screen time until” concept and ours include: get dressed, do your devotional, make your bed, eat breakfast, play outside, read/learn something, do something creative. Once they have finished those, they are free for the rest of the day. This is easier for me than trying to monitor their amount of screen time each day.

This one from the is a great one, too!

2. Screen or Tech-Free Day

It can be exhausting trying to keep up with how many hours each kid has spent on tech. Thankfully, lots of devices have screen time settings that can help with that but a great way to make sure you are helping the kids get outside and get creative is to have one day a week of no screens.

We have been doing this in my home and I have been so shocked to see the amazingly creative things my kids come up with. They make bracelets, play outside, ride their bikes, read, write stories, play their instruments, write letters, paint or do play-doh with little sister AND they are much more willing to help me around the house with projects on those days.

Here is a great list from to have on standby on tech-free days in case you hear the dreaded: I’m BORED!

3. Earn Screen Time

There are lots of great ways that you can have your kiddos do chores or healthy activities to earn their screen time for the day.

These summer screen time contracts from are awesome.

I hope these tips are helpful! Be sure to check out Gather Moms on FB and Instagram this week! We are asking moms to share what is working for them.

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