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Homemade Costumes

One of the things I was most excited about when I had my first son was dressing him up. I couldn’t wait to make that first halloween costume! These are things you do with one kid…by kid #3 you are buying it all because time is money.

My love for Mexican food runs deep, so of course, I went with a tex-mex themed costume for Jake.

Jake was our ‘lil burrito! A giant piece of cream felt wrapped his body
and red, green and yellow felt stuck out from the top and bottom.

My next baby boy also joined the fun with my obsession and was a nacho chip from Chiloso.

Judson as a nacho chip with a Chiloso punchcard. This is all made from
cream, brown, yellow and green felt, leftover from big brother’s costume.

Creativity runs deep in my veins so the final Bradford baby couldn’t be left out. She joined our galaxy as Princess Leia.

Baby Abi as Princess Leia. The buns are made from a brown
stretchy hairband and brown yarn braided and swirled.

For the creative mom, dreaming up an ingenious costume and making it come to life is thrilling. For the creatively -challenged mom, a homemade costume gives you hives. Here are some easy ideas to plan and perfect or throw together at the last minute.

If you’ve got a dog then bring little orphan Annie to life!
A simple red dress can be dolled up with a white sash and lace collar.
Add white tights and ringlet curls and your daughter is a dream!
Who can resist Gus from Cinderella?
Start with brown leggings, a brown long-sleeve shirt and a yellow t-shirt on top.
Grab a baby beanie and safety pin some brown and pink ears
(these can easily be made using felt and hot glue).
A big sister as Cinderella would definitely make social media swoon!
Throwback to the 80’s with your own Elliott and E.T.
Zip-tie a basket or bin to the handle bars of your child’s bike.
Dress your little guy up in jeans and a red hoodie.
Amazon sells a stuffed E.T. for less than $20 and
you’re flying high with a costume WIN!
This one wins the prize for me! Forky from Toy Story 4. I am literally cheering for this
imaginative costume!Start with white leggings and a long sleeve white shirt.
Create the head from posterboard – cut out the shape and hot glue a blue mouth
and red eyebrows. Amazon sells giant google eyes or you could find them at your
local craft store. The pipe cleaner arms will test your magical moves. Try a red
feather boa hot glued to wire hangers that have been stretched out. Wire hangers
are made for more than clothes and s’more sticks! The feet can be more white
posterboard, cut and hot glued to old shoes, or spray paint an empty cereal box
white and cut a hole for your child’s foot. The cardboard should be sturdy enough
to hang in for a night of trick-or-treating.

All of these costumes are easy to create with items from your local craft store. The basic colored clothes can be purchased from where we also got the inspiration for these amazing costumes!

Enjoy the magic of making homemade dreams come true and give this a try. If you think, you can do it!

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