Fun Christmas Gift Idea for Grown Children

Being a mom to my three girls, Hannah, Lauren and Rachel, has always been my greatest joy! They are amazing Christian women and my husband and I adore them. An added bonus has been the addition of my two sons-in-law, Matt and John. 

Maybe you’re like me and you struggle with Christmas gift ideas for your grown children. As all of my kids are now in their 20s, I still want their gifts to be meaningful and special. 

Last Christmas, I created a gift that went over really well with the 5 kids. I created graphics, gathered up gift cards or cash and gave them a bound book with a Date a Month idea. Each page had a scripture and a Get to Know You Question to ask each other on the outing. I did 2 versions, one for my youngest daughter, Rachel, and her college roommates and another version for the married couples. One requirement was that they send me a picture each time they used one! It’s been fun to receive pictures all year as they enjoyed their gift. 

download the PDFs here

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