Episode 9: Meet Jenny

We are so excited to introduce you to JENNY. Jenny Worsham is our Neighborhood Gather Director and our dearest friend. In this episode Jenny shares the heart behind reaching moms through our neighborhood groups and the first Gather group she hosted in 2016. She is also a CPA and knows all things money; Jenny keeps us in the green and on task. Over a year ago, Jenny planted the seed in Kate and Rebecca for this podcast and now we are one episode away from finishing Season One. What?! We’re also introducing Season 2 of the Gather Podcast and an upcoming online Bible study. Please enjoy our first-ever Gather guest, Jenny Lynn Worsham.


  • University of Mary Hardin-Baylor was founded in 1845 and is known for its unapologetic dedication to Christian principles. It is located in Belton, Texas and you can check it out here:
  • Band nerds unite! Jenny played the flute and was a Drum Major. Rebecca played the flute, bass drum and was a Drum Major. Their bubble buddy lives were eerily similar.
  • One Moment in Time was the soundtrack for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Released by Whitney Houston, it later became one of her greatest hits.
  • Toilet-papering the student building at Lakepointe Church is solely owned by Jenny Worsham. To this day, it is still one of the students’ most favorite activities. Penny-Jenny became TP Jenny.
  • Rub elbows means to meet and talk with (someone) in a friendly way. Rub arms is definitely a Kate word but actually is attributed to helping people ease anxiety and depression. Rubbing thighs is still off-limits!
  • Gather groups can form by neighborhood or special interests (like having a special needs child or adoption/fostering). We also have groups for Spanish-speaking moms. Our newest addition is Gather 2.0 for moms who are launching kids out of their homes or are empty nester moms or grandparents.
  • The Gather Event meets annually and allows all the Gather groups to join together for a night of worship, teaching and laughs. Check the website for details on any upcoming Gather events.
  • Gather Meme during these Covid times. Never fear, gathering is still possible and we will live through this!

Action Steps:

  • Want to start your own Gather group? Find a couple other moms who are like-minded and excited to join with you. Go to the website, www. gather, and find all the free resources needed to start your own group.
  • This is not a Bible study. This is a place where unbelieving moms can feel safe and welcome. There is scripture woven into every monthly lesson that can be shared depending on the comfort of the group. The goal is to unite moms behind being intentional in their homes while reinforcing family values and principles. Ultimately, the things we share are biblically based ideas and the prayer is that moms will see God in the way we love them.

Gospel Truth:

  • Hebrews 10:23-25

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