Episode 57: The Christmas Story; Holiday Travel

We’re reading the Christmas story with fresh eyes this year! Rebecca’s curiosity has her asking all the questions about details left unexplained. Did you know that Mary and Joseph experienced some holiday travel? Each of us have our own stories about getting from A to Z on planes, trains and automobiles. Have you ever traveled via donkey though? Every book or movie you’ve ever seen portrays this sweet couple and one lone donkey making the difficult journey to Bethlehem. What if they didn’t travel alone? One thing we do know that is God’s kindness is sprinkled throughout this beautiful story. Over and over we see God remind Mary, the mother of Jesus, that he was holding her near. Join us today as we laugh about thankful rolls gone wrong, travel catastrophes, donkey basketball and the kindness of God.


  • FYI: Eating small amounts of paper is generally harmless, but it is better to avoid it, especially if it has ink on it. Paper has little to no nutritional value and is indigestible by the human body.
  • Kate is the master of words so peach, who-haw and teetle-totter all describe Caroline’s baby-girl bottom.
  • Donkey basketball is actually a thing! School districts take note; this would be a great team building activity for your teachers. HA!

Bible truth:

  • The Christmas story is found in Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2
  • Where did Zechariah and Elizabeth live? Most believe it was outside Jerusalem in the hill country. Mary could have traveled almost the same route to visit her cousin as she did when she made the Christmas journey with Joseph for the census. Read more here

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