Episode 48: MORE Prayer

Is your closet ready for fall? Rebecca is sharing some inexpensive mom-hacks to get your closet cleaned out and organized. One thing we don’t need more of is clothes. Take an audit of your closet and find some fall inspiration with all the great style you already have. An audit means to examine or investigate to improve something. Today we’re challenging all of us to take an audit of our prayer life because we could all use MORE prayer. Prayer is a conversation that includes both talking and listening. Bible hub explains the Greek word for prayer like this, “Interacting with the Lord by switching human wishes for His wishes as He imparts faith.” Prayer is definitely an opportunity for us to tell God what we desire, but we also need open hearts and hands to receive back His sovereign wisdom. Gather Moms believes that God truly knows best. You can come to God with all your worries and wishes and know that He is listening and has answers. So much of our time is spent making the lives of those around us better, but what could be more important than first praying for them? As we navigate life in 2021, we all need more prayer.


  • Mom Hacks: Plastic hangers with shoulder indents easily organize flip flops and sandals, streamline all your jeans with shower curtain hooks and detangle necklaces and earrings with ice cube trays.
  • Kate is on the hunt for faux leather Spanx leggings. You can find so many dupe options on Amazon so shop smart!
  • Greek proseuchomai means to pray or exchange wishes. Find the full definition here.
  • Tandem skydiving is where a student skydiver is connected to a harness attached to a tandem instructor.


  • Isaiah 55:9
  • Romans 8:18-39

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