Episode 34: Home; Go get HIM

Raise your hand if you love uncomfortable conversations?  Anyone??  Today on the podcast we are opening the door to the bedroom and talking about SEX.  That’s right, MAMAS, it’s time to get busy (LOL) bringing light into this area of our homes and marriages.  Our world has skewed this particular issue in such a way that it’s dirty or disordered.  The movies do not portray an authentic idea of romance and real life.  So much informs our attitudes towards intimacy, but is it accurate?  Have you talked to God about your sex life lately?  We believe the Creator of sex should be the source of right thinking.  Rebecca and Kate ask all the questions, get real with personal examples and share misconceptions about intimacy.  We hope you feel like we peeked inside your brain and poured grace and truth over your insecurities and struggles.  This is highly important to a healthy marriage and a healthy home.  We want to set you free today to shine light into your bedroom and get answers, encouragement and a renewed desire to enjoy this good, good part of marriage.  Go get him (your husband)!


Love and Sex: A Christian Guide to Healthy Intimacy by Nancy Houston

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ by John Piper and Justin Taylor

Back to the Bible:

Genesis 2:19-20 ESV

Philippians 4:6 NLT

1 Peter 4:19 MSG