Episode 33: HOME; Woosah in the Bedroom with Susan Seay

Have you ever felt that you needed more training for this life of motherhood? Our next guest is here to help us navigate the chaos that is the everyday experience of moms. Susan Seay is the homeschool mother of 7 children, a certified life coach and runs a business with her husband. Her own struggles birthed a desire to help moms throw-off the mom guilt and exude confidence. Today we’re talking about the bedroom and it’s more than just baby-making. Susan’s bedroom is a no fly zone for the laundry, a safe place for her kids to share struggles and an intimate space for she and her husband. Don’t miss these wise tips to intentionally create serenity in your own bedroom. Hot Design trend for 2021 is Shhhhh…..


  • Woosah is actually from Bad Boys 2 (not Lion King and not Seinfeld!)
  • Mentor 4 Moms Podcast with Susan Seay
  • Visit the shop on Susan’s website to find the Intentional Parent Card set which includes the 10 Questions to ask your kids each year to hear how the relationship is going from their perspective
  • Save the Date: October 22-23, 2021 for the Gather Moms Event