Episode 32: HOME; Love Fern

Keeping things fed and nurtured is part of the job description for Moms. It not only applies to small humans, but also house plants! Kate admits to giving the side-eye to all buyers of fake house plants. If this is you then do not be dismayed! When Kate comes to visit, you can just hide that fake plant in the closet. Research shows millennials are causing a resurgence in house plant therapy. Bless their need for something green inside those trendy, city apartments. Bless the pandemic, too, because home improvement stores were the only things open during lock-down. Why not buy a succulent to bring joy to your home when you’re stuck there for months and months? We know there are plant-lovers out there and this episode is for you!


  • Fiddle Leaf fig is the insta-influencers’ dream house plant. Hang tight because next year it’ll change. Amazon sells a great fake one!
  • Plants of Steel allows anyone to hone their green thumb. The assortment includes houseplants perfect for first-time plant owners or folks who are away frequently.
  • Plant Gnats
  • Easy Indoor Plants:

Back to the Bible:

  • 1 Corinthians 3:5-7
  • Overwatering comes from the anxiety within us because we’re not seeing the growth we want so we attempt to control the growth ourselves.
  • Underwatering is when we are distracted and not regularly checking in with our kids to see what’s on their heart. Our kids needs a ‘touch-in’ where we stop down to ask where they are they struggling and need mom’s help and attention.
  • Just like house plant gnats, there are bugs in the garden of our home that want to infiltrate our kids. They won’t go away on their own so grab the neem oil and get to work.

Want to read more about how growing plants is biblical to how we grow the children in our home? Read our very own bible study brought to you by Gather Moms, Homegrown: A Mom’s Guide to Planting Faith in the Lives of Her Children