Episode 29: This is Training Camp

Don’t get thrown off by the random camping tangent, we’re still talking all things HOME. Today we’re opening the door to our preschooler’s room which could be just as scary as the bathrooms on a campsite. Do you remember your childhood bedroom? Kate shares a vivid recollection of canopy beds and Cabbage Patch bedding. Oh to have those treasures back in 2021…we might get rich on Ebay! Today’s preschool child is learning the same lessons we did growing up like putting away toys, dirty clothes and keeping trinkets organized. It’s a type of training camp in our HOME.

God’s Word trains each of us as believers. Throughout his word we see repetition and lots of reminding. Sound familiar? Yes, because this is exactly what we do as parents with our children. In moments of exhaustion and frustration, remember that God is patient with us. He knows all that we can be, and so he continually brings us back to truth and holiness. We, too, know what our kids can be, and so we embrace each opportunity to train them.

Start at Home:

  • Conscious Discipline,
  • Show them what it looks like when it’s done so they understand your expectations.
  • Give them a picture (for real, like a photo) so they can recreate it the next time they do it themselves.
  • Make it fun and give them small tasks that help them feel successful along the way.
  • Be realistic to their age/maturity and celebrate what they can do!

Back to the Bible:

  • Proverbs 22:6
  • God is giving us opportunities to train up our children in the way they should go.
  • You are not alone! The Holy Spirit is your guide.