Episode 26: HOME: Shut the Front Door

Can you even imagine a house without a front door? If the Bible starts with Genesis, then our homes start with the front door. It is the place we welcome guests, neighborhood kids, friends and the Amazon delivery person. It might be time to modernize or breathe new life into a tired wreath or weathered welcome mat. Kate and Rebecca talk front-door etiquette and easy tips to get your front door updated for spring.

Start at Home:

  • The front door is the most straightforward way in and out, and also marks the beginning of the story our home tells.
  • Buds on a wreath. What is a bud? An undeveloped stem or branch of a plant. Basically a non-bloomed flower…Kate is on the hunt for magnolia buds.
  • Bless the mom-world where our un-bra’d chests become big deals when answering the door and hugging our sons.
  • Front door etiquette: role play with your child to teach them how to answer the door, speak to visitors and then politely close the conversation. And if the Ring is your official greeter, teach them how to answer the door anyway! It’s a skill worth knowing.
  • Buffalo check stands the test of time and has reinvented itself as a modern classic – use a touch of it under your welcome mat, as a pillow on the porch bench or even a cushion for the patio chairs. Is everyone doing it? Probably, but this trend is worth copying the neighbor for.

Back to the Bible:

  • Revelation 3:20, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.”
  • It sounds evangelistic but context tells us Jesus is talking to believers in the church of Laodicea.
  • Jesus was standing on the outside of his church, knocking, and the people had become comfortable without him.
  • Invite Jesus into your home without pretense or a quick clean. He wants to make his home with you exactly as you are. First step is relationship and then he might just surprise you with his kind way of cleaning out for the good of everyone in your home.