Episode 22: Meet Mama Elizabeth

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree! It’s December and we’re finally feeling all the Christmas vibes, including rethinking the flocked Christmas tree. We should be singing, “O Christmas tree that makes a mess.” This month on the podcast we’re honoring our Christmas MAMAS who are central to the birth of Christ. Elizabeth is not usually included in the age-old Christmas pageant, but she is a miracle mama who shares a tender moment with Mary as their pregnancy paths cross. The words she speaks over Mary are an example of encouragement and truth-telling that all of us need. May we be inspired by her story to speak words of encouragement over the moms God puts in our path.


  • Mute means a person is incapable of speech.
  • Short or temporary records were written or scratched on potsherds (ostraca) or wax tablets. Thank goodness for the invention of the legal pad and pens.
  • Usually a first-time pregnant mom feels her baby kick around 18-20 weeks. Elizabeth stayed secluded for five months and we wonder if she felt confident to return to normal life once she felt her baby kick. Bless her mama heart, she had longed for this baby until well into her old age.
  • Prophets are people (men and women) used by God to communicate his message

Gospel Truth:

  • Luke 1
  • Luke 3:16
  • Roman 1:11-12

Action Steps:

  • Who is a modern day MAMA that has encouraged you?
  • Who is a modern day MAMA that you can encourage?
  • Mutually encourage one another

What’s your ONE THING?