Episode 17: Meet Mamas Leah + Rachel

Pop Quiz: What product once used the jingle, ‘Double your pleasure, double your fun’? If you guessed Doublemint Gum then you get a point. Our Bible MAMAS, Leah and Rachel, could have starred in that commercial for their role in today’s story. This episode sets the stage for our sister wives who are constantly competing for their husband’s love and affection. Jacob’s jingle sang more like, ‘Double your pleasure, double your trouble.’ The story of these two sisters reminds us that comparison is the thief of joy, and producing sons does not equal love in marriage. PSA Warning: You just might laugh so hard you pee on yourself a little.


  • Kate sets a new Guinness World Record with her wild word usage in her retelling of Genesis 28: turnt, homies, lit, herculean, krunk, sitch and oogies.
  • Flamingo-watermelon and watermelon-flamingo. You can thank us for changing the words to make it slightly more bearable. Either way, it happened a whole lot in this story!
  • Mandrake is mentioned in the Bible (Gen. 30:14-16) and its Biblical use is generally attributed to its supposed fertility power.
  • To all who love Friends and did indeed cut your hair to match Jennifer Aniston a.k.a. Rachel…this one’s for you!

Gospel Truth:

  • Genesis 28-31
  • James 1:17

Action Steps:

  • Comparison steals our joy.
  • Contentment cannot be based on circumstances.
  • The desire to be loved and wanted is natural to a woman’s heart. The search for how to fill it will always fall short here on earth.
  • Don’t look outward or inward to satisfy yourself; look upward to the God who satisfies fully.

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