Episode 1: Show Me the Exit

Welcome to the Rona-coaster!  We feel out of control and at the mercy of the up and down’s of the corona-track.  This pandemic has left us eager for someone to SHOW US THE EXIT. Rebecca shares reminders from scripture that knowing our need is the first step to finding help. Kate gives insight into claiming God as our helper. Mamas, let’s call out to the one who knows what awaits us on this rollercoaster.  Jesus is sitting in the front car with us!


  • Apparently, we don’t have a clear recollection of our middle school roller coaster days.  The Texas Giant is at Six Flags Dallas.  AstroWorld in Houston boasts the Texas Cyclone.  Six Flags San Antonio is home to the Iron Rattler.  Bless all the cities and coasters!  
  • Guardians of the Galaxy replaced the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride in Disneyland’s California Adventure in 2017.
  • The Spanish Flu pandemic happened in 1918.  It is the deadliest in history.
  • Demon spawn, strong language for a strong aspect of parenting.
  • Definition of Pandemic = broad, sweeping, unlimited, worldwide.
  • Outbreak is a medical disaster film released in 1995.
  • Scattly is not an actual word.  Closest cousin is scant = barely sufficient in amount or quantity, almost inadequate.

Gospel Truth:

  • Luke 9:10-11
  • Psalm 121:1-8
  • 1 Corinthians 14:33

Action Steps:

  • Call out to God as your HELPER this week.
  • He is a God of peace, not confusion.

What’s your ONE THING?