EP 89: Help! Me Talk to My Kids about Culture and Sexuality with Amy Davison

Get your pen and paper ready because this episode will have you taking all the notes! We are thrilled to welcome Amy Davison, contributing blog author with Mama Bear Apologetics and co-host of their podcast. Amy is overflowing with knowledge and insight on how sexuality and culture are waging war on our kids. Honestly, you might feel overwhelmed with all there is to know and defend as you raise your kids in today’s world. Here’s the truth though, the Bible and Jesus Christ are still the answer to every problem. The Holy Spirit is actively working on your behalf in both you and your believing child. Amy reminds us that truth comes first. You are your child’s Mama Bear, and you are equipped by God to walk with them as you reinforce God’s truth for gender and sexuality. Listen once, twice and maybe several times as you soak up a wealth of wise counsel from Amy Davison.

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