EP 79: Help! I Want a Better Morning

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Many of us excuse ourselves from productive mornings because we think it’s not who we are. That’s a myth! We believe that moms need better mornings MORE than anyone else. We have kids to feed, places to drive, work to do and a future dinner to make. We could all use some help for better mornings.

Just like the rudder of a ship sets a course for its direction, the first hour of your morning can influence the productiveness of your day. Will it require giving up some sleep? Maybe. Will it create healthier routines that yield mental clarity, more energy and a grateful heart? The answer to that last question might just be the motivation you need to become a morning person.

Rebecca shares quotes and wise practices from this best-selling book, Miracle Mornings, by Hal Elrod.

Kate also highly recommends Atomic Habits by James Clear.

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