EP 73: Summer Interrupted; Here it comes!

Ready or not: here comes SUMMER! Summer break is an opportunity to slow down, have some fun and maybe even for our kids to learn new things or reach new goals. BUT, it gets hot and these kids are home, and we can find ourselves *quickly* wishing for the school doors to open again. We’re talking in this episode about where the concept of summer even came from and how we can do summer well.

Tips for a great summer:

  • Think about what works for YOU
    • Do you love being in the pool all day, doing crafts, kicking it at home?
    • Whatever works for you, DO THAT. Don’t be sucked into the social media summer stranglehold.
    • If you try to force something that isn’t you, you and your people will be miserable.
  • Think about what your kids NEED
    • How much screen time is ok for them
    • What new things do they need to learn
    • How much interaction with other people do they need
  • Embrace the season

Truth: Ecclesiastes 3

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