EP 71: Mother’s Day Interrupted; Let’s re-think this

In all honesty, we have mixed feelings about Mother’s Day as mamas. Our expectations of a magical day are dashed when things aren’t so magical because, let’s face it, our kids don’t stop being kids just because it’s the second Sunday in May. They will still fight, make messes and forget to say thank you. So, what if we flipped the script on Mother’s Day? What if we re-calibrated our expectations and maybe even made the focus of the day about another mama instead of about us. After all, as you’ll hear in this episode, that was the original intent of the day.

Practical Tips:

  • You shouldn’t feel guilty or shameful about how YOU want to spend Mother’s Day
  • Speak up: share how you would like to be celebrated with your people
  • Reach out: ask widowed and single moms how you could serve them on Mother’s Day
  • Let go of control: take off your manager hat and be ok with things not going according to plan, the beautiful messiness is part of what motherhood is all about; the perfectly imperfect
  • Release the pressure of this one day: You can celebrate Mother’s Day any day

Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

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