EP 63: Mom Interrupted and Overwhelmed

I would guess that every mom has felt this way at some point. Our days get interrupted by a feeling of being overwhelmed. We hear ourselves say, “Why can’t I get it all done?” These moments of frustration and despair push us to tears or back to bed. We wonder if we’re the only one feeling this way. Surely other moms have it all together with endless time for all their errands, appointments and needy kids. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Two big contributors to feeling overwhelmed are pace and the need for control. No, you cannot do it all and your body won’t let you. Fatigue, foggy brain, irritability and trouble sleeping are physical symptoms of feeling overwhelmed. You do have limits and God knows it. He sees your crazy schedule, messy house, scattered brain and invites us to stop the race to be supermom. *News flash* There’s no trophy at the end.

Matthew chapter 6 reminds us that worry gets us nowhere. God knows what we need before we do. Our value comes from God and not how many things get checked off our to-do list. We’re chasing the wrong things and that feeling of being overwhelmed is because of worldly gain and pressure. Jesus tells us to seek first his kingdom. Roll out of bed into prayer and ask God to prioritize your daily schedule. I wonder what he would change if we let him lead our day according to his purpose and plan? Scripture promises that ‘all these things will be added to you.’ That’s a gift of grace to all us overwhelmed moms.

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