EP 62: Mom Interrupted

We interrupt this regular scheduled day of motherhood to announce that the Gather Moms Podcast is BACK! We are so excited to join you for another season of real talk with lots of laughs and life truth from God’s Word. How many times a day (or night HA!) do you get interrupted? Baby won’t sleep, call from the School Nurse, screaming kids while you’re working from home, or maybe you just can’t get a minute alone in the bathroom. Mamas juggle interruptions all day long.

This season we’re going to share some wisdom on how to manage life as a mom-interrupted.  We’re taking your responses to our 2022 Motherhood Survey to discuss heavy life interruptions like anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, loneliness, marital struggles and health concerns. We see you, Mama, and we are feeling the struggles too, but we also know Jesus has truth to help us engage this interrupted life and see him working for our good.

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