EP 112: THE MODERN MAMA Needs Prayer

Jesus had some pretty modern views about women. In that time women were ignored, considered property and given very little worth. Jesus saw them differently and extended his hand toward them, puling them into a place of honor. He still does that today by calling our hearts heavenward in prayer. Throughout scripture we see women praying. Some examples are Hagar, Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Esther and Mary. Regardless of their background, God the Father listened to their cries of pain and praise.

The modern MAMA needs prayer. Whether you’re starting from the beginning or a consistent prayer warrior, the time you spend pouring your thoughts out to God will bless your heart and home. Why should moms pray?

  • It provides a moment to be still.
  • We all need time to count our blessings.
  • Prayer teaches us humility before a holy God.
  • Gets out the ugly stuff, even the thoughts and feelings no one knows.
  • Sets an example for our kids.

Over the next week, Kate and Rebecca are praying for YOU each day from May 8 to May 14. Join our Patreon to get access to all the prayers and the opportunity to share that prayer with another mom. Gather Moms loves you and wants you to know that all our MAMAS are constantly in our prayers. Happy Mother’s Day week!


Prayers for Our Mamas May 8-14 on Gather Moms Patreon


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