EP 101:Listen, Sis with Jenny Worsham

The fabulous Jenny Worsham joins us in this episode as we talk all about the podcast live and our favorite table at the event; the “Come alone? Sit with me” table. That’s what we’re all about here at Gather Moms; making space for each other. Momming can be LONELY. If you feel alone, you’re not alone. We have to do the work to reach out to make friends and an easy way to connect to moms is with our Gather Moms Groups.

Jenny tells us all about groups and how you can get connected. She also mentioned the great resources that you can use in your groups. All of those links are listed below.

Gather Moms Resources:

Mom Struggles

Family Values

Legacy of Love

The Launch

We are excited to announce a gathering for moms in the Austin area with our Gather Moms Retreat 2023 at Highland Lakes Camp and Conference Center in Spicewood, Texas. Join us March 10-11 for a time to worship, study God’s Word and connect with other moms. Click here for more information and to register.

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