EP 100:Listen, Sis: PODCAST LIVE!

We are still pinching ourselves that we got to record this 100th episode LIVE! What an absolute joy to be in a room of 200+ moms. We got to laugh together, hug each other and be reminded that WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

We are not each other’s competition. We are community and we need to show up for each other. Thank you to each of you for the way you show up for us in your encouraging views, shares and telling your friends about Gather Moms. We are going to continue showing up for you. We love you and we’re cheering you on! Come on episode 200!!

We are excited to announce a gathering for moms in the Austin area with our Gather Moms Retreat 2023 at Highland Lakes Camp and Conference Center in Spicewood, Texas. Join us March 10-11 for a time to worship, study God’s Word and connect with other moms. Click here for more information and to register.

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