yellow bird plush toy on brown wood

Easter is coming! My daughter is already asking how the Easter Bunny can come in our backyard with this whole corona crisis. She promised she would stay 6 feet away from him while he hid the eggs. Bless you, child. We don’t make a big deal out of the Easter bunny in our house but we enjoy the fun of hiding eggs and giving baskets. This year the fun will look different as we aren’t galavanting off to Target or even getting things in 1-2 days with Amazon Prime. Could this be a good thing? YES! We can choose to make fun from the things we already have. We can return to the simple truth of this holiday which includes an eternal promise from Jesus. Yes, we can!

Resurrection Eggs – check here for helpful info on making your own or search on Pinterest because there are lots of great ideas!

Resurrection Rolls – a tasty treat for Easter morning that shares the beautiful truth that the tomb was empty!

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt – this looks so fun!! You can order these from Target or Amazon. Who knows when they will actually reach your door, but even if they’re late, do it anyway. Remind your kids that scripture tells us the earth went dark and people thought hope was gone. Three days later the sun appeared with a risen Savior and eternal hope in the one who conquered the grave!

My friends know that one of my love languages is cheese balls. Is that on the official list of love languages, you ask? It’s on mine!! What a cheesy idea to replace all the candy!

Bunny Money – I talked about this on our Gather Insta-story today. This is genius! We’re home for a long while and we have the time to do all the things we say we never have time to do! Give your kids Bunny Money in their eggs and let them think they’re manipulating you into all the crazy kid things they’re desperate to do: Blanket forts in the living room, camping in the backyard, going to bed 30 minutes late, candy for breakfast, picking take-out for dinner, etc.!

Egg Decorating for all the Coffee Lovers! Use this creative craft to decorate those eggs without the fancy dying kit from craft stores. Great ideas for Easter egg fun!

Mamas – you got this! Jesus is our hope during this time and what a great way to point the focus back on HIM and celebrate our Risen Savior. Enjoy the Easter fun with your kids and make this year different and special. I think we’ll all remember this for a long time.