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orange and red plastic pack

Too Much Candy?

I am definitely that mom who think kids get way too much candy on Halloween. My family doesn’t eat candy on a regular basis so

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orange pumpkins on gray field near green grassland at daytime selective focus photography

The Pumpkin Parable

A parable is a simple story that illustrates a spiritual lesson. Jesus used them throughout scripture to make spiritual truth more understandable for those listening.

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boy holding green mask

Homemade Costumes

One of the things I was most excited about when I had my first son was dressing him up. I couldn’t wait to make that

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red and gray metal folding chairs

It’s time to SHOP!

Hey Moms!! Who needs new fall clothes? If not you, then definitely your kids. Your 2nd grader grew and all their pants are too short.

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lighted candles

Smells like Fall

I wish I was an oily Momma. It honestly looks fun and those bottles are so cute. The smells are spectacular. But alas, I’m just

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gingham pumpkin

Gingham Pumpkins

We are taking on another Pinterest hack today by painting gingham pumpkins. Pumpkins might be the perfect thing on which to try all the fun

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red and green sugar coated candies on white surface

Snack Happy

Now that we’ve solved The Great Debate…ahem…NOT! All of humanity will inevitably argue over the goodness of pumpkins and candy corns until Jesus comes back.

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